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From Sketch to Final Design: Storytime Alive Logo

Storytime Alive is a project still in the works that seeks to broaden the imagination and creative thinking skills of children of all ages. For the logo design, I wanted to create something that would look fun enough to appeal to kids yet somehow convey the educational value.

Storytime Alive 1

I went to sleep one night brainstorming, and when I woke up the next morning I made some initial sketches on my waterproof notepad in the shower and then made this slightly more refined sketch. Imagination and creativity are my specialty, so I had no trouble coming up with a logo that looked as if it is coming alive. The most obvious way to show educational value, especially with a logo that has Storytime in its name, was to include a book. I made the “o” a gear as a way to show science, technology, and just the idea of “getting the gears turning.” The dragon and bumblebee add to the fun and kid appeal. Since the logo needed to appeal to kids of all ages, I leaned towards the boy side of things to keep it from getting too girly. A friendly dragon seemed to be the right choice for a character that would appeal to both older boys and younger girls.


Storytime Alive 2Once I switched to the computer, I tried to find a typeface close to what I was envisioning but found nothing that had enough character. Although, I had never hand drawn type for a logo before, I knew it would be necessary for this project.

Storytime Alive 4

I printed out what I had so far to give me a starting point for creating the letters the right height and proportion. I put another sheet of paper over the guide type, and with the help of my trusty pencil and Unibal pen, I had type a little closer to what I had in mind.

Storytime Alive 5

After I’d scanned my hand drawn type, I used Adobe Illustrator to trace and refine it. After I added some color, this is what I had.

Storytime Alive 6After I tweaked the colors a little more, I decided the tail of the “y” needed an eye on it. What is this creature? Whatever you imagine it to be.

Storytime Alive dragon

If you’re wondering what happened to the dragon in my original design, I was mostly just waiting to tackle that last. After I added the mystery Y creature, I felt like the logo could have been finished at that point. I ultimately added the dragon because the logo needed to have a square version. While a long logo is great for a website header, profile pictures for Facebook and Twitter as well as favicons all need to be square. Having a dragon as the first letter was the best choice to represent the brand by itself when a square was necessary.

Storytime Alive 7The final version of the logo ended up not having the trail leading out of the book to the bee. As much as I liked the concept, the logo is already busy without it.

Storytime Alive comparison

Although some of my logo designs end up being very different from my original idea, this one ended up being very similar. Wherever the design process leads, the ultimate goal is to arrive at a solution that both the client and designer feel represents the brand.

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