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Renown and Crowned Blog Design

One of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on recently was my first blog design project. I designed the book cover for Kayla’s book Empowering Generations last year, and this year I helped give her blog Renown and Crowned a new look.

Renown and Crowned has been around for several years, but with the relaunch came a new mission in addition to a new look. The new blog focuses on the topics of faith, family, and finances.


Please excuse the poor photo quality. I made these sketches on the waterproof notepad in my shower.

Please excuse the poor photo quality. I made these sketches on the waterproof notepad in my shower.


One of the first ideas we tried for the logo was incorporating a sword and shield (to represent Renown) and crown. The ampersand with a sword wearing a crown just seemed way too silly, so I tried a plus sign made of a sword and a crown. I ended up moving away from the sword idea towards something a little more welcoming. A shield and a banner kept the regal feel while allowing the logo to look a little friendlier and more feminine.


Renown and Crowned proof 1This was the first version of the logo I showed Kayla. I didn’t feel it was finished by any means, but I wanted to make sure I was headed in the right direction.

Renown & Crowned colorsI chose the purple and gold to represent faith and finances. The peach and pink added warmth and friendliness for a look of a color palette similar to a sunrise. Kayla liked the overall direction but wanted to see what it would look like with the title in a script font and the tagline in a sans serif.

Renown and Crowned logo


In the end, I decided I liked the simplicity of just the purple and gold. I initially hesitated to use just those colors since purple and yellow always remind me of the Los Angeles Lakers. I didn’t really want that association. After taking the time to choose the right purple and gold, I don’t think it gives off any Lakers vibes at all. I rejected many different script fonts before finally finding Rochester, which Kayla and I both decided we liked.


Renown and Crowned button

For the square version of logo, the ampersand shield becomes the main focus.

 Renown and Crowned bio image

The bio image uses the same two fonts as the logo, Rochester and Contax Sans, and incorporates the banner as well.

Renown and Crowned categories

For the sidebar images linking to different categories, I stuck with the purple and gold and chose a different font for each category, paired with Rochester.


Renown & Crowned screen shot

I look forward to watching the blog’s new vision unfold in this redesigned space.

If you’re a blogger interested in a new look, I’d love to talk with you about your blog. Feel free to send me a message, and you should hear from me soon.





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