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More Than a Holiday cover design

Book Design: More Than a Holiday

More Than a Holiday cover design


More Than a Holiday is a book of devotions and activities for families to go through together for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas. When authors Scott and Sarah Nichols contacted me about designing their book, they had some ideas about what they wanted for the cover design. Rather than using red and green, they wanted less traditional Christmas colors like blue and orange. I thought this was a great idea for a book that challenges thinking on the holiday. The imagery they had in mind was a stick figure family looking at the manger with a stick figure star above it. What I took from their ideas was that they wanted a cover that would evoke simplicity. The cover needed to show a scene that was happy and peaceful, and I thought about how I could best depict these feelings. Rather than using stick figures, I decided to try creating the image they had in mind using construction paper.



More Than a Holiday sketch

Before breaking out my construction paper and scissors, I did a very rough sketch of my idea for the cover design to figure out what my composition would be. I got a little nervous when I remembered how terrible I am at drawing people, but since I knew  everything would look completely different cut out of construction paper and card board, I kept at it.



My next step was to do some more planning on the computer. I created a color palette with a range of bright colors to use in the cover design as well as for the section headings in the ebook. I also used Adobe Illustrator to make patterns for the family I could cut out to save me from having to go through a ream of construction paper to get them right.


More Than a Holiday Star

For the rest of the pieces, I just started cutting paper and cardboard. How difficult could be to create a perfect imperfect star? Much more difficult than I realized!

More Than a Holiday cover design

After scanning in the paper, it was just a matter of getting the colors adjusted and choosing the fonts. It all came together fairly quickly.

Sarah and Scott’s first reaction of the cover design: “We LOVE it!  It’s simple and modern and family-friendly and colorful.  Beautiful.”

More Than a Holiday interior

The interior pages use elements from the cover as icons for the section headings for each day of the devotional.

More Than a Holiday sketch and final version

Here’s a look at how the final design compares to my initial sketch. I was really happy with how it turned out and enjoyed using tools other than my computer to create art for a change.

If you’re an author looking for a designer for your printed book or ebook, I’d love to talk with you. Contact me and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.

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