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Empowering Generations book design Core Spring Design

Empowering Generations Book Design

Empowering Generations book design Core Spring Design

Empowering Generations: Blessing from God’s Word is a book about speaking blessings over others. If your first reaction to that description is “Huh?” you’re not alone. The concept of speaking blessing isn’t prevalent in our culture and is not something I’m familiar with myself, but I still didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge of designing the cover.

When I initially spoke to the author, Kayla, about what she wanted for her cover design, she was still in the process of writing the book and didn’t really have any set ideas about the imagery she wanted for the cover. She knew she didn’t want a design that was too feminine, so no flowery fonts or girly colors, but other than that, the design was essentially left wide open for creative potential.

Ancient. Mysterious. Empowered.

Those were the three feelings I wanted this cover to evoke. Blessing is an ancient custom, not a new idea. Although part of the point of the book is to demystify what a blessing is, I feel there’s still a hint of mystery to any sort of spiritual element.  And, of course, with a word like “empowering” in the title, the cover needs to have a bold feel to it.

Once I had that figured out, all I had to do was find the right imagery to convey those feelings, which took some thinking. I first tried using some photos of a large tree but didn’t really like how that looked, and I felt that using a tree to show generations (as in family tree) was just too trite. What next? I had seen some photos Kayla had taken on a trip to Israel and thought one or more of them might fit the feel of the book, so she sent me several to consider.



The photo I ended up using is of a gate in Jerusalem. Ancient? Yes. Mysterious? I think so. Empowered? Definitely. I didn’t originally expect to use this photo since it doesn’t immediately strike you as book cover material, but I knew with a little touch-up and effects in Photoshop, it would be just what we needed.


Wanting to add a little more texture, I combined the gate photo with a stock image of an old Bible page. The lines on the Bible page blended perfectly with the bricks of the gate. Then I tried different colors and layer effects in Photoshop until I found the look I wanted. I also removed the fence in front of the gate to take out the touristy look and get back to a more ancient feel. For the title, I chose a clean serif font, Mongolian Baiti, to give it a look that’s neither dated nor too modern.

Kayla’s initial reaction upon seeing the design? “Wow!”

If you’re an author who needs a book design, it is possible to have a custom design without spending thousands of dollars. I may be able to use your own photos, even if the quality isn’t the best, or combine different stock photos. Send me a message if you’d like to talk to me about designing your book.

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