How Much Does Graphic Design Cost?

One of the first questions a prospective client usually asks me is, “How much will this cost?” It’s an understandable question. If I’m looking for a new hair stylist, cost is one of the first things I want to know. If I don’t see prices listed on a salon’s website, I assume I can’t afford them. However,

07 Jul 2014

The Evolution of a Logo: Steve + Sue Belle’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

When a business or brand is celebrating a special anniversary, they often use a special logo to commemorate the occasion, perhaps with a silver logo for the 25th anniversary or a gold logo for the 50th anniversary. Last year I had the privilege of designing a logo not for a business anniversary but a wedding anniversary. Steve

30 Jun 2014
3 steps to finding the perfect font

3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Font

Sometimes you’re working on a project and realize your favorite fonts just won’t work. If you’re a walking font encyclopedia, you might be able to think of the perfect font off the top of your head. For the rest of us, it can take awhile. However, it doesn’t need to be as long as randomly selecting different

23 Jun 2014
Empowering Generations book design Core Spring Design

Empowering Generations Book Design

Empowering Generations: Blessing from God’s Word is a book about speaking blessings over others. If your first reaction to that description is “Huh?” you’re not alone. The concept of speaking blessing isn’t prevalent in our culture and is not something I’m familiar with myself, but I still didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge of designing

16 Jun 2014
Amanda Cornelius and dogs

Why Core Spring Design?

If you’ve stumbled across Core Spring Design via Facebook or Twitter and are wondering what exactly Core Spring Design is all about, here’s a bit of background on who Core Spring Design is and what sets me apart from the other graphic designers out there. Who I am I’m Amanda Cornelius, a freelance graphic designer

09 Jun 2014
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