4 Apps & Tools for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

When you’re starting out your business, it can take awhile to figure out the best websites and apps to help your business run smoothly.  I’m still figuring things out and making changes, but these four are working well for me right now. While each of these applications have both free and paid versions, the free version is

20 Oct 2014
Renown and Crowned logo

Renown and Crowned Blog Design

One of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on recently was my first blog design project. I designed the book cover for Kayla’s book Empowering Generations last year, and this year I helped give her blog Renown and Crowned a new look. Renown and Crowned has been around for several years, but with the relaunch came a new

06 Oct 2014
5 Things to Know About Working With Graphic Designers

5 Things to Know About Working with Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are generally not scary people. I’m used to working with people who have never hired a graphic designer before, so I don’t want anyone to feel as if there’s a long list of rules you have to follow if you hire a graphic designer. These are simply things to keep in mind to make

29 Sep 2014
Storytime Alive 1

From Sketch to Final Design: Storytime Alive Logo

Storytime Alive is a project still in the works that seeks to broaden the imagination and creative thinking skills of children of all ages. For the logo design, I wanted to create something that would look fun enough to appeal to kids yet somehow convey the educational value. I went to sleep one night brainstorming,

22 Sep 2014
More Than a Holiday cover design

Book Design: More Than a Holiday

  More Than a Holiday is a book of devotions and activities for families to go through together for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas. When authors Scott and Sarah Nichols contacted me about designing their book, they had some ideas about what they wanted for the cover design. Rather than using red and green,

14 Jul 2014
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